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Chapter Roster 

Alpha Lambda

Shannon Brady "Garcia"

Kylie Woodmansee "Honey Badger"

Stephanie Joslyn "Bourée

Anna Wankum "Dory"

Alpha Mu

Brittney C. "Mushu"

Ashley DiMeo "Nymphadora"

Alpha Nu

Katie Belleville "Squishy"

Leigh-Anne Vallely "Paranormal Popcorn"

Aimee Surgue "Ricky Bobby"

Tori Romano "Spike"

Mo Hayden "Mellon Lord"

Marissa Torres "Coraline"

Alpha Xi

Billy Haupt "Agent Roo"

Alex Czealski "Sandy Cheeks"

Victoria Giroux "Daenerys "

Meghan Quinn "Jean Girard"

Alpha Omicron 

Katie Hollowell "Pascal"

Shannon McIlrath "Toothless"

Danielle Moore "Ariel"

Celeste Gurwitz "Pipsqueek"

Nick Castro "Prancing Peanut"

Mike Torellini "Beetlejuice"

Alpha Pi

Bomina Belden "Sulley"

Heidi Weidele "Manic Munchkin"

Alex Reinertsen"Woodstock"

Alpha Rho 

Michael Plasse "Kristoff"

Delaney Crosby "Sebastian"

Scotty Travers "Toulouse"

Mckinzie (Kinni) Schultz "Clara Oswald"

Current Officers

President: Billy Haupt
Fun Fact- Billy has had 6 different majors! 
VPM- Mike Tortellini
Fun Fact- He has hips that don't lie.
VPS- Katie Hollowell 
Fun Fact- Katie has an adorable bunny named cream!
Recording Secretary-Shannon McIrath
Fun Fact- Shannon can recite the entirety of How to Train Your Dragon in two different languages.
Treasurer- Aimee Sugrue
Fun Fact- Aimee works with Penguins!

Parliamentarian: Bomina Beldin

Fun Fact- Bomina speaks Chinese!

Alumni Historian: Meghan Quinn
Fun Fact: Meghan is never ever cold.

Webmaster: Shannon Brady

Fun Fact: Shannon Fixes vintage computers.